About Us

We are a division of RPC, a global design and engineering company specialising in polymer conversion with centres of excellence worldwide. RPC’s specialist operations have expertise in individual processing technologies in addition to in-depth knowledge and understanding of particular end markets. As a global organisation RPC are ideally placed to support customers on a local, national and international basis.


Through innovation


Through expertise


Through knowledge

At RPC BPI stretchfilms, we want to deliver the ultimate customer experience. As well as offering innovative, high performance products, we go out of our way to deliver exemplary levels of service and support across a variety of industry sectors including:

  • Retail
  • Food & Drink
  • Logistics
  • Horticulture
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Construction

Our Values

What makes RPC bpi group unique is not only our products and technology. It’s not only our proven commitment to both customers and the wider environment. And it’s not only the entrepreneurial flair, candour and smart thinking of our employees.

It’s our attitude – a commitment to all the things that lead to commercial success. This means putting customer and group results first, taking full ownership of our ideas and solutions, and working as a close-knit unit with our customers to exceed expectations. Together we are stronger.

Our team is drawn from a range of disciplines, from engineering to design. This integrated approach enables us to work with customers that require a range of capabilities.
And all our people are chosen for their integrity, their ability to combine practical skills with creativity and their willingness to listen first, act fast and deliver perfect, market-driven, value-added solutions. That is the RPC bpi group culture.

Health and Safety is our number one priority

Exceptional health and safety standards are continually developed and maintained by all of our stakeholders at every RPC bpi group site. It deserves every effort of investment.

Our work is never so urgent we cannot take time to do it safely. We never take short cuts. We never compromise safety. We always look for report and resolve problems before they become hazards.

Anyone who visits an RPC bpi group site is briefed on our safety standards and expectations. RPC bpi group exceeds the very latest regulations and best practice. We regularly check and assess equipment to ensure that it’s operating safely.

All of this we do quite simply, because it’s the right thing to do, ensuring that everyone who leaves us at the end of a working day arrives home healthy to their friends, family and loved ones.