Machine Film

Our machine film range includes both cast and blown films.

Cast Film

Our range of cast machine films offer outstanding pallet presentation, high performance levels and cost effective wrapping.

In addition to their benchmark levels of cling, our cast films have the ability to stretch up to an impressive 300% plus. The films also offer an exceptional clarity, product viewing and the ability to scan barcodes through the wrap.

  • Exceptional clarity
  • Up to 300% stretch
  • High performance levels
  • Cost effective

Blown film

Produced using the blown manufacturing process, this range offers excellent strength and ease of application.

As well as the ability to stretch to up to 300%, our blown films benefit from a high tack outer face and a low tack inner face. High slip versions are also available to help eliminate inter-pallet adhesion.

  • Excellent puncture resistance
  • Superior tack characteristics
  • Up to 200% stretch
  • High strength


Manufactured using special polymers and advanced production technology, Bontite is a new generation stretchfilm that combines all the benefits of conventional blown films with the key advantages of cast stretchfilms.

Bontite unites the enhanced clarity and low unwind noise features of a cast film with the strength and durability of a blown film. Its exceptional load holding force outperforms those of typically heavier gauge films, particularly at lower stretch levels. Incredibly versatile, Bondtite is suitable for use on a wide variety of palletised goods from light, easily damaged items right through to heavier, awkward loads.

  • Enhanced clarity
  • Exceptional load holding force
  • Versatile